Director General Message

Director General Message


Director General MessageIt gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you at the website of Hira National Education Foundation (Regd) Pakistan under the auspices of Tanzeem-e-Asatiza Pakistan. The doors of HNEF (R) PAKISTAN are open for each and everyone of Pakistan and even for the foreigners living in the territory of it. HNEF (R) PAKISTAN provides education of international standard at the door steps of the students regarding their educational uplift along with their rearing / character building in the true perspective of Islam.

In order to assess the progress of the HNEF (R) PAKISTAN regarding its functions in the field of education on providence of services and achievements of its mission, the annual report has been prepared at all levels the countrywide not only as a statutory requirement but to factually highlight its strengths and weaknesses in order to review its policies for optimal performance and for setting a future direction accordingly.

Since the facilitation and feed back from the end of Tanzeem-e-asatiza Pakistan is available to Hira National Education foundation (Regd) Pakistan in the shape of highly dedicated, vigorous, selfless, far reaching, sage, dynamic and well versed scholars in each and every field of education, hence it is not difficult for the foundation to explore new horizons.

I wish a very bright future for all of you and hope that after getting education at HNEF (Regd) Pakistan, you will become an asset for the country and will be able to play an important role for the development and prosperity of the people of Pakistan in the true perspective of Islam.

In the end, I pray for strength and far sight to work whole heartedly with full devotion and concentration to elevate Hira National Education Foundation (Regd) Pakistan, in word and spirit


Hidayat Ullah Khan

Director General

Hira National Education Foundation (Regd.) Pakistan

Hira National Education Foundation (Regd.) Pakistan

After the creation of Pakistan the next step was building the country which made it binding that the direction of education, its curriculum and system were in conformity with the direction, aims and objectives of the country to be achieved. It should have had the development of the ideology of Pakistan among its youth as its goal.
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