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Become a Franchisee

Become a Franchisee

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Hira National Education Foundation (Regd) Pakistan is among the pioneers of licensed (franchised based) school. The first institution was launched in 1989, since then this chain system is growing at its pace by maintaining the standards. We are offering franchises all over Pakistan under certain terms and conditions. The license ranges from Montessori school to College. Each category of license has its own security deposit, building specifications and other legalities. If you are the one interested in our educational system, please feel free to fill out the form;


Hira National Education Foundation (Regd.) Pakistan

After the creation of Pakistan the next step was building the country which made it binding that the direction of education, its curriculum and system were in conformity with the direction, aims and objectives of the country to be achieved. It should have had the development of the ideology of Pakistan among its youth as its goal.
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