Teachers Training

Teachers Training

Teachers Training

Teachers are a crucial and integral part of the education system. A great teacher is crucial to a student’s development and growth. As teachers, we are always concerned about the education the students receive. But rather than focusing on the classroom, we should take a step forward and think that if education is going to improve, we must work on improving initial teacher training. Personalized education is well, not rocket science, let’s be honest here – it is much more complicated. And the training for the teachers must be such that it makes the lives of students easier and learning effective which we do not see often. Teaching is an important process, but teacher is the fundamental element in this process and it is always the method which determines the output of the system.

Teacher learning or training is a continuous never-ending process which promotes teacher’s teaching skills, master novel knowledge; develop better or newer proficiency, which in return assists in improving student’s learning. Researches and some studies have shown when teachers are good at class management students show much more interest in the classes and have better education outcomes comparatively to the situation when the teacher is not so good at classroom management.

The teacher’s training process usually has two categories to it. The first category undertakes the coursework assigned to the students for there working year. It usually covers content, methods and psychology. The latest courses also deal with technology involvement and integration and several issues related to cultural diversity. The other category usually comes to practical learning and modeling.

Teacher training is an important aspect for the teachers’ careers because of many reasons. Firstly, someone who is a fresher and comes to teach for the first time might not be very confident to command a certain set of students. He or she might have a vast amount of knowledge about their particular subject(s) but sometimes what the fresher or in rare cases, the experienced ones lack in the art of expressing themselves. If a teacher can’t explain or convey what they know to a student, if they can’t convince the student, they basically fail as a teacher as the students will slowly lose their interest from that particular class and subject and overall rather than being a positive asset of the students’ life, the fresher teacher will become the exact opposite.

Secondly, teaching is not only about giving long lectures or notes or homework. Teaching is so much more than that. Training for the teachers is also important for them to have effective class management skills. If a teacher is in the classroom, the students must be quiet and paying attention to whatever the teacher is talking about, even if it is a school notice, the hundred percent attentions of the students must be on the teacher. The atmosphere created by such encourages students dive deeper into the topics and if a teacher fails to achieve such an atmosphere it might result into just opposite of a productive classroom atmosphere.

The teacher training is not something which is only necessary after the recruitment of a teacher in any institution. No, teaching is all about learning, you teach what you learn and as stated above learning is an infinite and continuous process. The training of teachers must go on from time to time in between their jobs, to initiate them in newer technologies so that they can model that out for the students. Sometimes, using the same teaching strategy for so long might make a pattern which does not really interest the students and might make the lessons boring.

Training sessions are needed to help the teachers learn or create new teaching strategies which will bring back the interest of their students in the classrooms and encourage learning. Another aspect that must be taken into consideration is the application of the topics the students learn in their lessons. The teachers also need to figure out ways for applicable learning – which actually helps the students in real world because theoretical learning will help them in gaining marks, but practical learning will help them in life.

Keeping all above in mind we make sure that every teacher at our institutions must go at least one refresher course a year. They are also rewarded a certificate after a successful completion of a course. The trainers are hired from an ISO certified and leading company known as AFAQ.

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