Management of Hira National Education Foundation (Regd.) Pakistan for supervision of Hira Schools/ Colleges across Pakistan

Country Directorate

1. Director General

         Mr. Hidayat Ullah Khan

2. Director Administration

          Mr. Nauman Zafar

3. Director Inspection & Training

         Mr. Ghulam Akbar Qiserani

4. Director Syllabus & Examination (Centre)

        Mr. Hidayat Ullah Khan (Additional Charge)

5. Director Finance

       Mr. Nauman Zafar

Provincial Directorates

1. Provincial Director KPK

     Mr. Khalid Farooq

2. Provincial Director Syllabus & Examination KPK

     Mr. Khalid Farooq (Additional Charge)

3. Provincial Director Punjab

    Mr. Mehmood ul Hassan Malik

4. Provincial Director Syllabus & Examination Punjab

     Mrs. Ishrat Naureen

5. Provincial Director Sindh

    Mr. Shabbir Ahmed Mirani

6. Provincial Director Syllabus & Examination Sindh

    Mr. Shabbir Ahmed Mirani (Additional Charge)

7. Provincial Director Balochistan

    Mr. Rehmat Ullah Maingal

8. Provincial Director Syllabus & Examination Balochistan

    Mr. Rehmat Ullah Maingal (Additional Charge)

Regional Directorate

1. Regional Director Malakand & Chitral & Lower Swat (KPK)

    Mr. Khalid Farooq (Additional Charge)

2. Regional Upper Swat (KPK)

    Mr. Bahadur Khan

3. Regional Director South (KPK)

    Mr. Syed Asal Jaan

4. Regional Director Central KPK

   Mr. Khalid Farooq (Additional Charge)

5. Regional Director North Punjab

     Mr. Najeeb Ali

6. Regional Director South Punjab

      Mr. Ghulam Yaseen Qureshi


Hira National Education Foundation (Regd.) Pakistan

After the creation of Pakistan the next step was building the country which made it binding that the direction of education, its curriculum and system were in conformity with the direction, aims and objectives of the country to be achieved. It should have had the development of the ideology of Pakistan among its youth as its goal.
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