Salient Features

Salient Features

Salient Features

Separate Classes for Boys and Girls

We are running our boys and girls classes separately in a same building. Equal but separate facilities are being provided to both girls and boys. Separate morning assembly and sports activities are also part of this practice.

Religious Education

In order to have a better understanding of religion, we have made arrangements of Hifz e Quran and Nazra Quran periods for all the classes.

Religious Practices

Observing veil is compulsory for female staff and students. All the staff and students are encouraged to practice all possible religious activities during school timings. Facilities for the prayer are also provided with in the schools.

Motivational Lectures

Teachers deliver motivating lectures regularly on weekly basis in the morning assembly and on the religious/national days.

Teachers Training

Teachers training program is being run under Hira National Education Foundation (Regd.) Pakistan to update its teachers with new teaching techniques and methodologies.

Library and Science Laboratory

Books play a vital role in orientation, direction and education. Keeping in view all this we have set up a library in our schools. It contains a variety of books. These books are issued to students and teachers only. School is also provided with a Science laboratory as per requirements of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education for the practical of science subjects.

Co Curricular Activities

Importance of co curricular activities in a school curriculum has been widely acknowledged by many countries in their respective Curriculum Frameworks. The same case is also noticed with Hira National Education Foundation (Regd) Pakistan. We have designed and implemented a special house based system to enhance the growth of our children. We focus on off/on stage activities like quiz/speech/tableau and sports competitions.

Study Tours

Study Tours are travel experience with specific learning goals. They emphasize experimental learning and offer both group and self directed activities and enables learners to explore new territories, cultures and people. We ensure that educational travel and adventure, combined with close attention to safety provide a lifetime experience for students and teachers.

Hira National Education Foundation (Regd.) Pakistan

After the creation of Pakistan the next step was building the country which made it binding that the direction of education, its curriculum and system were in conformity with the direction, aims and objectives of the country to be achieved. It should have had the development of the ideology of Pakistan among its youth as its goal.
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